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Dyslexia Show 2024

Date: March 15th – 16th, 2024 Location: NEC, Birmingham

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Since its inception in 2019, the Dyslexia Show has evolved into the UK’s foremost exhibition dedicated to dyslexia and neurodiversity. With the addition of the Dyscalculia Show, it has further cemented its position as a leading event in the realm of neurodiversity. These shows play a pivotal role in raising awareness and providing support.


Recognising the challenges smaller organisations face, particularly in terms of financial constraints and organisational size, we are excited to introduce a new initiative designed to make participation more accessible. Our founder, Arran Smith, deeply understands these challenges, drawing from a decade of experience in creating companies that support education and dyslexia. His vision is to enable more organisations to share their expertise and solutions at this significant event.

The Access Pass

We are delighted to unveil  The Access Pass, a novel approach to facilitate involvement in the Dyslexia Show 2024. This tool is specifically tailored for smaller organisations, allowing them to engage with the event and its community over an affordable 12-month payment plan. This initiative not only provides financial flexibility but also offers added value and benefits through Arran Smith’s extensive network.

Benefits of exhibiting :


Forge meaningful connections with a vibrant community passionate about dyslexia and neurodiversity.


Elevate your brand’s impact by associating it with a noble cause and a supportive community.


Showcase your solutions directly to a receptive audience and make a lasting impression.


Unlock B2B and B2C engagement opportunities with professionals, educators, advocates, and more.


Generate new business leads and connect with potential clients, supporters, and partners.


Gain valuable market intelligence and stay ahead of industry trends and needs.


Share your expertise and make a difference by educating and empowering others.


Support a worthy cause while growing your business and becoming a force for positive change.

Stand Options

Entry Level Stand


  • Ready to go starterstand
  • 4 SQM Shell
  • Back wall, half width side walls
  • Carpet
  • 1 Char
  • 1 4″ Table
  • Nameboard 
  • visitor badge scanning app
  • Exhibitor parking pass
  • Invite to exhibitor & VIP party
  • Listing Digital Show Programme

Dressed l Stand


  • Ready to go starterstand
  • 4 SQM Shell
  • Back wall, half width side walls
  • Power 1 X 2A Scocket
  • Carpet
  • 1 Stool
  • 1 Counter
  • Nameboard
  • visitor badge scanning app
  • Exhibitor parking pass
  • Invite to exhibitor & VIP party
  • Listing Digital Show Programme

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All Prices exclude VAT

This initiative is more than just a financial model; it’s about building a community-driven platform that supports and fosters understanding and awareness of neurodiversity. By participating in the Dyslexia Show 2024, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to this cause and benefit from the extensive reach and influence of Arran Smith’s network.  Looking forward to working with you. 

These packages offer unique opportunities for startups and companies with an annual turnover of less than £200,000. In the event of payment cancellation, a penalty charge of £25 will be applied, and the full fee will become due within 14 days. See full T&C and benefits.

**Schell scheme upgrade Prices £ 229 per month

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March 15th – 16th, 2024 Location: NEC, Birmingham

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