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Below you will find the most up to date list of our speakers at Dyslexia Show 2024. You will be able to find out a bit more about the various experts we have coming to speak at the show. You can also filter by demographic so whether your an educator, parent/carer or a dyslexic individual you’ll find what expertise will be on offer for you.


10:00 - 10:45
Natalie | Dyslexia In Adults

Creating confidence in the workplace.

If you are tired of feeling frustrated by Dyslexia and want to enhance your career by understanding your Dyslexic strengths.

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Natalie founded Dyslexia in Adults in 2019 when she was struggling with her own Dyslexia. Since then, Natalie has reached over 100,000 people to explain how to manage Dyslexia successfully at work. Our focus is on building systems that work and helping adults discover their Dyslexic strengths to help them thrive in their career. Dyslexia in Adults started out as an Instagram account and has grown into a flourishing membership, private 1:1 coaching and business consultancy. Natalie has attended the Dyslexia show as a speaker for the last three years.


Room 4 : Individuals
11:00 - 11:45
Armelle McGeachie

A Neurodivergent Girl in a Corporate World: Breaking Rules

As a neurodivergent person, corporate can be hard. Armelle shares her experience that led her to creating helpful tips.

  • There is space for dyslexics in the corporate world.
  • Learn how to manage your work reputation
  • Working with workplace accommodations
  • Setting expectations is important!
  • Disclosing your neurodivergence
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Are you a neurodivergent girl, like me, in a corporate world? They say that entrepreneurship is the key to succeeding for dyslexic people, but that doesn’t mean us corporate 9-5ers don’t exist too. If you prefer the thought of a 9-5, you’re not alone. But here’s how you get ahead in a world set up by neurotypicals.


Room 4 : Individuals
12:00 - 12:45
Jannett Morgan

All about the Benjamin-Z

In tribute to Benjamin Zephaniah, Jannett will share tips and strategies from her upcoming book “Young, Gifted, Dyslexic and Black”.


Room 4 : Individuals
13:30 - 14:15
Annie Hitchman

Your Emotional Journey with Dyslexia: Self Esteem & Anxiety

How to overcome anxiety, boost self-esteem, and embrace your unique journey to confidence and inner assurance.

  • How Dyslexia Affects All Aspects Of Your Life
  • How Anxiety Presents Itself in Someone With Dyslexia
  • How Negative Beliefs About Your Dyslexia Are Crushing You
  • Practices Easing Anxiety, Sustain High Self Esteem & Avoid Overwhelm
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Join us for a transformative seminar led by internationally accredited mindset coach & NLP Practitioner, Annie Hitchman, as she delves into the emotional impact of dyslexia in adults.

This session goes beyond the realms of work and academics, exploring how dyslexia influences relationships, money habits, and mental health.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding the Full Impact: Explore how dyslexia touches every facet of your life.

Managing Anxiety: Uncover the close connection between dyslexia and anxiety. Learn effective strategies to overcome anxiety, boost self-esteem, and embrace your unique journey towards confidence and inner assurance.

Building Positive Habits: Discover practical exercises and methods to elevate self-esteem and break free from negative thought patterns commonly associated with dyslexia.

Sensory Overload Solutions: Acquire a better understanding of how to avoid triggers for overwhelm and sensory overload, creating a more balanced life.

Who Should Attend: This seminar is designed for individuals who want to cultivate pride in their identity, enhance their inner well-being, and build a stronger relationship with themselves.

Join this session which is designed to empower individuals towards a journey of self-discovery and increased self esteem. Embrace your distinctive approach to the world and cultivate a stronger, more positive connection with your mental well-being.


Room 4 : Individuals
14:30 - 15:15
Graham Huggins

Access to Work Demystified

In a world where diversity is our greatest strength, it's essential to empower every member of our workforce.

  • 15-20% of the global population embodies neurodiversity
  • The UK alone, 9.8 million individuals have physical disabilities.
  • Understand the significance of AtW
  • Its for People who are employed or self employed
  • AtW beyond Reasonable Adjustments


Room 4 : Individuals

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