@ Dyslexia Show 2024

Below you will find the most up to date list of our speakers at Workplace @ Dyslexia Show 2024. You will be able to find out a bit more about the various experts we have coming to speak at the show. 


10:00 - 10:45
Michael Vermeersch

Removing barriers to accessibility with AI

Michael discusses the importance of accessibility in technology and how AI and Copilot can help remove barriers to accessibility.

  • Copilot: Your personal AI assistant.
  • Boost productivity with Copilot.
  • Copilot: Removing barriers to accessibility.
  • Copilot: Simplifying content discovery and consumption.
  • Copilot: Augmenting human experience and capability.
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We will cover a definition of accessibility, the growing disability divide, and the opportunity for businesses to focus on accessibility. From there we will move to how “accessible AI is responsible AI “and how AI and Copilot can make the user experience and content more accessible. Finally, you will see examples of how Copilot can be used in various Microsoft applications, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, to improve accessibility.


Room 4 : Workplace
11:00 - 11:45
Dr Deborah Leveroy
Mark Woodward

Are you Disability Confident?

Deborah is Head of Research at neurobox and Mark is Head of Occupational Delivery at neurobox.

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In this talk, we will demystify the Disability Confident scheme as a framework to support your ND & Disabled employees.

The talk will cover:
What is the Disability Confident Scheme
What are the benefits and impact of the scheme
How to apply it to your workplace inclusion strategy
The two thematic areas of the scheme: recruitment and retention
The three Levels of the Disability Confident Scheme
How we can help you on your disability confident journey


Room 4 : Workplace
12:00 - 12:45
Jamie Kingsbury

What does a sucessful workplace adjustment process look like

Jamie is a Health & Wellbeing Consultant at Cambridge University Press & Assessment


Room 4 : Workplace
13:30 - 14:15
Devon Lowndes
Sophie Harding
Shona Clydesdale
Eleanor Walton

Neurodiversity Employee Networks Panel Discussion

Devon is Founder at Self Agency, Shona is Global Change Director at Arcadis, Sophie is Senior People Advisor at Arcadis

  • What is an ERG and how it relates to HR
  • Different ways of setting up a group
  • How an Employee Network operates on a day-to-day basis
  • Ways to amplify the message and ensure organisational impact
  • The future direction of Employee Networks
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Hear from our expert panel, discussing Neurodiversity Employee Networks at Hachette, Arcadis and Abcam. The panel will explore best practices for establishing and running an active and impactful group and consider how to navigate challenges and ensure the future of ERGs.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the session, delegates will have a broad understanding of the following:

what is an Employee and how it relates to the HR function within an organisation

different ways of setting up a group

how an Employee Network operates on a day-to-day basis

ways to amplify the message and ensure organisational impact

how to prove you’re making a difference

identify some common challenges and how to navigate them

the future direction of Employee Networks


Room 4 : Workplace
14:30 - 15:15
Mark Woodward

Empowering Line Managers

Mark is Head of Occupational Delivery at neurobox.

  • Half of managers said they feel unequipped to support neurodiversity.
  • We rely on managers champion our inclusive policies and processes.
  • How can we equip and support managers?
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According to recent research by the Institute of Learning and Management, half of all managers polled said they would be uncomfortable working with someone disabled. And yet, as organisations, we rely heavily on our managers to be the flagbearers of our inclusive policies and processes and gracefully navigate often challenging situations that arise.

With Mark, we’ll explore why supporting and enabling our managers is so important, how we do that, and look at some of the challenges that managers are presented with.


Room 4 : Workplace
15:30 - 16:15
Elizabeth Takyi
Bronwyn Francis
Devon Lowndes

Neurodiversity Lived Experience Roundtable

Our panel reflects on their personal journeys, successes, challenges, offering a nuanced understanding of diverse perspectives within the neurodiverse community.

  • Gain unique and invaluable insights
  • Foster a more compassionate and inclusive mindset
  • Connect with neurodivergent individuals, advocates, and allies
  • Inspire positive change in the workplace
  • Exchange ideas and collaborate
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The panel discussion provides a platform for neurodivergent individuals to reflect on their personal journeys, successes and challenges, offering a nuanced understanding of diverse perspectives within the neurodiverse community. Hear from Elizabeth Takyi (neurobox), Bronwyn Francis (UK Atomic Energy Authority) and Devon Lowndes (Self-Agency) on their experience of neurodiversity in the workplace.


Room 4 : Workplace

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